The lil flea Mumbai

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The lil flea Mumbai: Celebrate a decade of love at India’s most joyful flea market, The Lil Flea! Join us for a special Double Weekend show at Jio World Garden in Mumbai.

The lil flea Mumbai

The lil flea Mumbai

Indulge in the best of India’s homegrown brands, mouthwatering food, delightful desserts, and scrumptious bakes at this incredible festival. With over 400 curated brands, 20 live bands, experimental music, workshops, and unforgettable experiences, this is a festival that should not be missed!

Step into a world of creativity and charm at Lil Flea Mumbai. This one-of-a-kind market brings together the best brands and talented individuals from all corners of the country. From stunning jewelry to unique antiques, trendy clothes to stylish bags, you’ll find it all here. And don’t forget to indulge in the mouthwatering delicacies and desserts from the food stalls.

Prepare to be entertained at Lil Flea! With a lineup of music and movies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and experience the joy of this festival-like market.

The lil flea Mumbai 2024 Date

29-31 March & 5-7 April 2024

Cilck to book your tickets now!

When: 29-31 March & 5-7 April 2024
Where: Jio World Garden, Mumbai
Time: 3 PM to 10 PM

Join your group and enjoy additional savings! Grab these discount codes when you arrive with your squad or family.

1- FLEA3 – Team up for Big Savings. Score a generous 20% discount when you purchase three or more tickets.
2- FRIYAY25 – Enjoy a fixed 25% discount on all tickets. This offer is only valid for tickets purchased for Fridays on March 29th and April 5th, 2024.

The lil flea Mumbai

History of Lil Flea Mumbai

Priyanka Punjabi and Alankar Jain joined forces to create the remarkable concept of the Lil Flea market in Mumbai back in 2014. This vibrant market serves as a hub for fashion, music, food, and more, bringing communities together in a unique way.

Priyanka takes charge of curating all the stalls at the market, infusing them with her creative touch. She meticulously plans the layout and adds innovative ideas to enhance the overall experience. On the other hand, Alankar oversees the financial and business aspects, ensuring that the event is a success.

What to expect:

Over 400 top homegrown brands from the country, showcasing unique finds and incredible creativity.

Indulge in over 50 delicious food brands and artisanal bakers, perfect for guilt-free treats.

Explore new music on 2 stages with 25+ live bands and experimental electronic sounds every night.

Enjoy a diverse Festival Bar with micro-breweries, Indian liquors, gin bars, wines, whiskeys, and festival cocktails.

Discover Lil Collectives, a new addition with curated spaces like Studio Potters, Conscious Brands, Thrift Shops, and more, along with live showcases and workshops.

Participate in Experiences & Workshops such as Live Art, Vinyl Rooms, Board Games, Pottery, Psychic & healing Shamianas, and Movies Under the Stars.

Join One Lil Tree initiative, promoting love for the planet by giving away free seeds and encouraging plant adoption.

The lil flea Mumbai

Over 50 Delicious Food Brands

After all that shopping, recharge with a wide array of food brands and talented bakers offering delicious cuisines like Persian, Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, Korean, American Casual, Traditional Bohri, Japanese, Indian, and Regional foods.

Treat yourself with a variety of desserts including artisanal ice creams, croissants, and artisanal bakes.

Top Indie Bands Performing on the Music Stage.

In the evenings, get ready to enjoy an incredible selection of original Indie Live music that will make you want to groove and update your playlist. At this edition of The Lil Flea, there will be a main stage and a Busking space in the Festival Bar, making it difficult for you to decide which performances to listen to and which ones to miss out on.

20+ Engaging Workshops & Experiences

The Lil Flea is focused on creating a community that shares various experiences together, giving you the opportunity to select from a wide range of enjoyable activities.

Explore over 20+ interactive workshops and experiences.:

1. Don’t miss out on any amazing finds just because your UPI didn’t work – Cash is accepted at the shopping festival!
2. Stay hydrated with our reusable bottle of water and refill it at our free water stations!
3. Capture all those incredible moments with a power bank to keep your devices charged.
4. Keep your feet happy with comfy shoes for a comfortable festival experience.
5. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses, caps, hats, or all of them!
6. Let your creativity shine through your clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up – make it an amazing experience!
7. Limited parking available, so arrive early or use public transportation to reach the venue.
8. We have a strict no drugs policy – anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave the festival.
9. Embrace the unconventional – forget mainstream music, fashion, and anything mainstream.
10. The most essential things to pack are good vibes, an open mind, and a ton of energy!

FAQ about the lil flea mumbai

Where is the little flea in Mumbai 2023?
Discover an array of exciting workshops and experiences awaiting you at The Lil Flea in Mumbai this December ’23. Brace yourself for an unforgettable time at the MMRDA ground on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the month.

How much is the ticket for Lil Flea?
Looking for a place to book tickets? Look no further! Head over to the official PaytmInsider website to book your tickets. Prices start from just Rs 449.

Is Lil Flea worth visiting?
The Lil Flea market is known for its unique and vintage items, although they tend to be on the pricier side. If you’re looking for original, handmade treasures, make sure you’re ready to spend.

Are pets allowed in Lil Flea Mumbai?
There are no limits – just love, no conflict. Lil Flea welcomes children, pets, and people of all kinds. Feel free to choose anyone and join the festival. Now that you have all the reasons you desired {although you didn’t really need any}, embrace your hippie vibes and make your way to The Lil Flea.

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