Chandra Darshan 2024

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Chandra Darshan 2024: the act of observing the moon after the new moon, holds great religious significance in Hinduism. It is considered highly auspicious to catch a glimpse of the moon right after the Amavasya. On this special day, devotees worship Chandra Dev and offer their heartfelt prayers.

chandra darshan 2024

Chandra Darshan 2024

Celebrated as Chandra Darshan, this day following the new moon is dedicated to honoring the Moon God. The ideal time to witness the moon is just after sunset. Determining the exact timing for Chandra Darshan is a challenging task, even for the experts who create the Panchang (Hindu calendar). This observance is embraced with immense enthusiasm and devotion in various parts of the country.

Chandra Darshan March 2024 Date & Tithi

Pratipada Tithi Timing 

March 10, 02:30 PM - March 11, 10:45 AM


March 11, 2024 7:17 AM


March 11, 2024 7:45 PM

Traditional practices observed during Chandra Darshan:

Hindu followers honor the Moon God on Chandra Darshan by fasting all day until they spot the Moon at sunset.
Legend has it that those who faithfully worship the Moon God on Chandra Darshan will receive boundless blessings and wealth.
Giving donations, such as clothes, rice, and sugar, to Brahmins is a significant custom during Chandra Darshan.

Chandra Darshan 2024

Chandra Darshan Significance:

In Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev, the Moon God, holds a special place as one of the most revered deities. He is considered a significant planet in the ‘Navgraha’ system, influencing life on Earth. The Moon is associated with wisdom, purity, and good intentions, making it a favorable planet. Those with a well-placed Moon in their birth chart are believed to lead successful and prosperous lives. In Hinduism, the Moon plays a crucial role in the lunar calendar. Chandra Dev is also known as the nurturer of animal and plant life, married to the 27 Nakshatras, daughters of King Prajapati Daksha, and the father of Budha or Planet Mercury. Devotees worship the Moon God on Chandra Darshan to seek blessings for success and good fortune.

January 12th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jan 11, 5:27 PM - Jan 12, 2:23 PM
Moonrise : Jan 12, 8:01 AM
Moonset : Jan 12, 6:58 PM

February 11th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Feb 10, 4:29 AM - Feb 11, 12:47 AM
Moonrise : Feb 11, 8:08 AM
Moonset : Feb 11, 7:59 PM

March 11th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Mar 10, 2:30 PM - Mar 11, 10:45 AM
Moonrise : Mar 11, 7:17 AM
Moonset : Mar 11, 7:45 PM

April 9th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Apr 08, 11:50 PM - Apr 09, 8:31 PM
Moonrise : Apr 09, 6:25 AM
Moonset : Apr 09, 7:32 PM

May 9th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : May 08, 8:51 AM - May 09, 6:21 AM
Moonrise : May 09, 6:25 AM
Moonset : May 09, 8:30 PM

June 7th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jun 06, 6:07 PM - Jun 07, 4:45 PM
Moonrise : Jun 07, 5:59 AM
Moonset : Jun 07, 8:19 PM

July 7th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jul 06, 4:27 AM - Jul 07, 4:26 AM
Moonrise : Jul 07, 6:45 AM
Moonset : Jul 07, 8:42 PM

August 5th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Aug 04, 4:43 PM - Aug 05, 6:03 PM
Moonrise : Aug 05, 6:31 AM
Moonset : Aug 05, 7:55 PM

September 4th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Sep 03, 7:25 AM - Sep 04, 9:47 AM
Moonrise : Sep 04, 7:00 AM
Moonset : Sep 04, 7:28 PM

October 4th

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Oct 03, 12:19 AM - Oct 04, 2:58 AM
Moonrise : Oct 04, 7:25 AM
Moonset : Oct 04, 6:59 PM

November 2nd

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Nov 01, 6:17 PM - Nov 02, 8:22 PM
Moonrise : Nov 02, 7:05 AM
Moonset : Nov 02, 6:10 PM

December 2nd

Pratipada Tithi Timing : Dec 01, 11:51 AM - Dec 02, 12:43 PM
Moonrise : Dec 02, 7:48 AM
Moonset : Dec 02, 6:25 PM

Chandra Darshan 2024

FAQ about Chandra Darshan

Is Chandra Darshan auspicious?
The significance of this is highly auspicious and holds great religious value. The Vedic Lunar Deity Soma is also associated with the Moon or Chandra in the Vedas.

What is Chandra calendar?
A lunar calendar relies on the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases (synodic months, lunations), unlike solar calendars that are based on the solar year. The Islamic calendar is the most commonly used purely lunar calendar.

What is the meaning of Sahasra Chandra Darshan?
In Vedic astrology, Sahasra Purna Chandrodaya is known as Sahasra Chandra Darshan which shows the 1000th full Moon of a person’s life.

When should we do Chandra Darshan?
Chandra Darshan, a Hindu ceremony, is conducted to honor the moon, also referred to as Chandra. This ritual typically takes place on the day of the new moon (Amavasya) each month, when the moon cannot be seen in the sky. The importance of Chandra Darshan in the Hindu faith is deeply connected to ancient mythology.

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