Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024

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Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024: Brace yourself for the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024, your gateway to explore, connect, and experience the technological excellence of the highest Caliber. This is Asia’s most impactful tech event, and it eagerly awaits your presence!

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024


NOV 19, 2024 


NOV 21, 2024


Bengaluru Palace, Bengaluru, Karnataka , India






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bengaluru tech summit 2024

Pic Source : Bengaluru Tech Summit

Bengaluru Tech Summit History

Get ready for the grandest technology event in Asia! The Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024, organized by the Department of Electronics, IT and BT, Government of Karnataka, is all set to take place in Bengaluru, India’s thriving tech capital, from November 19-21, 2024. This year, the summit’s theme is ‘Breaking Boundaries’, highlighting the importance of collaboration across sectors. In today’s world, technology plays a vital role in every industry, acting as an enabler, tool, and platform.

India’s remarkable economic growth, abundance of talent, and innovation-friendly environment have positioned it as a global leader in technology. Thanks to Karnataka’s unwavering support for innovation, infrastructure, and investments, India has become a sought-after destination for tech advancements.

Against this backdrop, the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024 returns for its 27th edition, catalyzing the exchange of groundbreaking knowledge and thought leadership. It will showcase cutting-edge technologies and foster connections that transcend borders, cultures, industries, and disciplines.

FAQs about Bengaluru Tech Summit

What is the Global technology Summit 2024?
The Global Tech Summit is an exclusive gathering that aims to equip businesses with the revolutionary potential of technology, enabling them to stay ahead and seize emerging prospects in the ever-changing world we live in.

What is Bengaluru tech Summit?
The Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024, organized by the Department of Electronics, IT and BT, Government of Karnataka, in Bengaluru, India’s tech capital, will take place from November 19-21, 2024 at the Bangalore Palace. The theme for BTS 2024 is ‘Breaking Boundaries’.

Is Bangalore an IT hub?
Bangalore boasts a large number of highly skilled IT professionals, with a vast population possessing technical knowledge. Major software giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Amazon, and others have set up offices and headquarters in the city.

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