B Praak live concert

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B Praak live concert: Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience as B Praak, the maestro of soulful melodies, takes center stage in his Live Concert!

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B Praak live concert

B Praak live concert


Music Fest


March 30




Gymkhana Club Sector-29 / Sector 30, Gurugram

Ticket Price

Rs. 499/- Onwards

Ticket Booking

B Praak live concert

The concert is a melodic journey that invites you to bring your heart and emotions to the forefront. From soulful renditions to heartbreak anthems that possess the unique ability to heal, B Praak’s performance is set to create an atmosphere of emotional resonance.

Don’t miss the chance to see B Praak’s performance in Gurugram! Join us for a celebration filled with incredible music and joy.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary musical event that transcends boundaries and connects hearts. Book your tickets now for B Praak Live In Concert.

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