Pratapgarh Farms

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Pratapgarh Farms: The farm, a delightful small village, is set against a backdrop of vibrant greenery and dry winds. Covering approximately 25 acres, it makes for a perfect spot for a family picnic close to Delhi.

Pratapgarh Farms
Pratapgarh Farms

Pratapgarh Farms Food

Throughout The day Available

Lemonade, Buttermilk, Tea and Fritters, Milk in a Kadhai, Jalebi, Pearl Millet and Pearl Millet flatbread with clarified butter, Jaggery, and Garlic Chutney. Pearl Millet Porridge with Clarified Butter, Sweet Fritters, Sugarcane, Radish straight from the field.

Breakfast (09.30-12.00 am)

Enjoy a variety of stuffed paranthas served with creamy white farm fresh Makhan, refreshing Dahi, tangy Achaar, and flavorful Chatni, along with a side of delicious Poori Bhaji.

Lunch (1.30 – 3.30 pm)

Enjoy Missi or Tawa Roti, Tandoori Roti, Vegetable Pulao or Jeera Rice, Chowmein, Rajma, Sarson Ka Saag or Seasonal Vegetable, Paneer Shahi, Kadhi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Chutney, Pickle, Gaajar Ka Halwa or Suji Ka Halwa (your choice), Papad, Chutney, Pickle, and Jaggery, along with a fresh Green Salad.

Pratapgarh Farms Ticket Price

All inclusive price Including food, all activities and all taxes

Per Adult

Above 10 year

1280 Rs.

Per Child

Age 5 to 10 year old

740 Rs



09:30 – 05:30 Hrs


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Pratapgarh Farms

● Children under the age of 5 (maximum 2 children per couple) will not be charged.
● The rates are non-negotiable. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but no additional discounts can be offered.

Notes – General

1. Our parking facility is well enclosed with gates for added security. Please note that parking is free of charge, but at the owner’s risk.
2. We offer a separate relaxing space for accompanying drivers and transport staff, where they can enjoy meals for Rs 200/- per person. However, please be aware that they will not be allowed to enter the campus or participate in activities. If you wish, they can be granted access by paying the full package charges.
3. We are open every day of the week.
4. We provide all the necessary equipment for games, sports, and entertainment within the campus. Please refrain from bringing your own equipment.
5. There is no minimum requirement for the number of families or people. We have all the facilities available on-site, so we do not impose any restrictions on minimum numbers or groups.
6. Stag entry is not permitted. Only families, groups through schools, colleges, corporate entities, and associations are allowed entry.
7. Children who wish to enjoy activities such as mud bath, tube well bath, and rain dance should bring their own change of clothes, towels, and appropriate bathing attire. Please note that gentlemen wearing short underwear are not permitted to bathe.
8. Unaccompanied children are not allowed.
9. It is mandatory for at least one person from the group to carry a valid Photo Identity card.
10. Please be responsible for your own belongings as we will not be held liable for any loss or damage.
11. Prior booking is required as we have a limited number of guests allowed per day. For groups with less than 20 people, registration can be done over the phone and payment can be made upon arrival. For larger groups, a non-refundable advance payment of 25% is required, with the balance payable upon arrival at the site.

Guidelines and Tips for your comfort and protection.

1. It is recommended to wear casual attire, especially sports shoes, for rides, games, and adventure activities. Avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or too tight.
2. Guests who want to enjoy Mud bath and Tube well bath should bring their own change of clothes, towels, and appropriate bathing attire. Men are not allowed to bathe in short underwear.
3. Guests are not allowed to drive tractors or carts. Anyone who attempts to do so will be held responsible for any damages or consequences that may occur.
4. Please refrain from pointing Airguns, Arrows, Gulels, or Darts at each other, animals, or removing them from their designated areas.
5. Guests are not allowed to pluck leaves, flowers, or fruits from the farm and put them in their mouth or eyes. Some of these plants may be toxic, even though they are used for medicinal purposes.
6. Please avoid running behind or around domestic animals. Farm animals are emotionally sensitive and respond to love, care, and respect. Provoking them by poking sticks, shouting, or trying to feed them can lead to potentially dangerous reactions. Our facilitators will accompany guests during dairy activities or rides, and we kindly request that their instructions be followed.
7. While we strive to ensure smooth rides during agricultural activities or tractor rides, please do not jump or board a moving vehicle to prevent accidents. Although they may appear slow, they can still make sudden movements.
8. We appreciate your patience in listening to our facilitators and following their instructions during rides and activities. Most of them will speak Hindi with a rural accent typical of the area.
9. Please refrain from entering privately owned adjoining fields. The consumption of alcohol or engaging in any form of obscenity will be strongly objected to by farmers and the local community.
10. Please inform us in advance if you have any medical conditions that require special care.

FAQ about Pratapgarh Farm

What is Pratapgarh Farms famous for?
Pratapgarh Farms is a veritable Botanical garden with 150 different species of trees and plants species. Gardens are laid out in fascinating formats. Panchvati, the abode of Lord Rama has five trees representing the Panchboots, fertility and life.

Which is better Surajgarh or Pratapgarh Farms?
Instead Pratapgarh Farms are such a fun. Do visit Pratapgarh and see how fun it is….. suoer tasty village style food is served there with so much love unlike Surajgarh farms. Worst part is they are charging for Parking

Who is the owner of Pratapgarh?
Pradeep Singh Phogat and Anita Singh are the owners of the farm. Ethnic Holiday town and Farm Tourism Destination – set in the scenery of lavish green fields and murmuring breezes.

Which metro station is near Pratapgarh Farms?
The nearest metro station to Pratap Gadh Farms in Delhi is Ramesh Nagar. It’s a 9 min walk away.

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