Attukal Pongala 2024

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Attukal Pongala 2024: This year, Attukal Pongala 2024 will be observed on Sunday, February 25. The highlight of the festival is the traditional preparation of the sweet offering called ‘Pongala’.

Attukal Pongala 2024

The vibrant festivities of pongala kick off with a sacred ceremony known as ‘Aduppuvettu’. This ritual involves the kindling of the pongala hearth, lovingly referred to as Pandarayaduppu, by the esteemed chief priest within the temple premises.

Attukal Pongala Date:
Attukal Pongala Sunday 25th February 2024

Attukal Pongala Timings:
Pooram Nakshathram Starts = 10:20 PM on 24-February-2024
Pooram Nakshathram Ends = 1:24 AM on 26-February-2024

Attukal Pongala 2024

Attukal Pongala 2024

The Attukal Pongala festival is a renowned 10-day annual event celebrated at the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is a spectacular gathering of women for a religious occasion, making it one of the largest in the world. The festival commences on the Karthigai star of the Malayalam month of Makaram or Kumbham and concludes with the Kuruthitharpanam sacrificial offering at night. The ninth day of the festival features the famous Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam. This year, Attukal Pongala 2024 will be observed on Sunday, February 25. The highlight of the festival is the traditional preparation of the sweet offering called ‘Pongala’.

Attukal Pongala, a renowned annual festival, is a cherished tradition among the women of Kerala. Held at the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, this vibrant celebration kicks off on Karthikakshatra in the Malayalam month of Makaram or Kumbham, typically falling in February or March, and lasts for an exhilarating 10 days. As the festival draws to a close, a special ritual called Kuruthitharpanam takes place, where a sacrificial offering is made under the night sky. However, the highlight of this grand event is the world-famous Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam, occurring on the ninth day. On this auspicious occasion, millions of devoted women gather on an open ground to prepare a delectable sweet dish as an offering to the revered Goddess.

Attukal Pongala 2024

Cultural activities

Film actress Anusree will kick off the cultural events at 6 pm on February 17. At the same time, the renowned writer George Onakkoor will receive the prestigious Attukal Amba Award. On February 19, the special vrutham for the young boys who have pledged to perform the kuthiyottam ritual will commence at 9.30 am. The sacred hearth, known as Aduppuvettu, will be made at 10.30 am on February 25. Finally, the Pongala offering will take place at 2.30 pm on the same day.

In the meantime, the choral kuthu ceremony for the kuthiyottam boys is scheduled for 7.30 pm, followed by a magnificent procession to the Manakkad Shasta temple at 11 pm. The procession will make its way back the next morning at 8 am, bringing the idol of the Goddess back to the sanctum sanctorum. Don’t miss the kappazhikkal ritual, where the bangle adorned on the idol on the first day of the festival will be removed, taking place at 9.45 pm on February 26. Finally, mark your calendars for the kuruthi ritual, which concludes the annual Attukal Pongala festival at 12.30 am on February 27.

Kappukettu and other ceremonies

The kappukettu ritual, which involves adorning the idol with gold bangles, will take place at 8 am on February 17, marking the start of the grand festivities. Each day, starting from February 17, will begin with Abhishekam at 5.30 am, followed by Deeparadhana at 6.05 am, Usha puja at 6.40 am, Usha Sreebali at 6.50 am, Kalakabishekam at 7.15 am, Pantheeradi Puja at 8.30 am, and Ucha Puja at 11.30 am. In the afternoon, Deeparadhana will be held at noon, followed by Ucha Sreebali at 12.30 pm.

Meanwhile, the rituals in the evening begin with Deeparadhana at 6.45 pm followed by Bhagavathy Seva at 7.15 pm. The Athazha Puja is at 9 pm while Deeparadhana is at 9.15 pm and Athazha Sreebali at 9.30 pm. The day ends with a Deeparadhana ritual at midnight. Devotees can enjoy Thottampattu or singing ballads praising the Goddess on all days from February 17 onwards.

FAQ about Attukal Pongala

What is the date of Attukal Pongala?
This year, Attukal Pongala 2024 will be observed on Sunday, February 25.

What are the rituals for Attukal Pongala?
Once the ‘Kappu’ is meticulously crafted with unwavering dedication and profound reverence, it is reverently carried to the temple. There, it undergoes a sacred ritual of being sprinkled with holy water, purifying its essence. Finally, the blessed ‘Kappu’ is entrusted to the Melshanti, the esteemed Chief Priest.

Who is the Goddess of Attukal?
The Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, located in Attukal, Kerala, India, is a sacred Hindu sanctuary. The primary deity worshipped in this temple is Goddess Bhadrakali, also known as Kannaki, who is depicted riding a ‘vethala’. Bhadrakali is a powerful manifestation of Mahakali and is believed to have emerged from Lord Shiva’s third eye after slaying the demon king Daruka.

What is the meaning of Attukal?
The Goddess in the temple of Attukal is worshipped as the Supreme Mother, creator of all living beings and the mighty preserver as well as destroyer of them all.

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