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The Grub fest 2024

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The Grub fest 2024: Have you ever considered experiencing the finest Indian and global cuisines all in one place? Look no further than The Grub Fest, India’s largest food festival!

The Grub fest 2024

The Grub fest 2024

This lively event, a haven for food lovers, presents delectable dishes from renowned restaurants and offers endless entertainment. It’s a celebration of diverse cuisines and cultures, taking place in major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, and Bengaluru. Starting at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the festival has expanded to other cities, spreading joy and mouth-watering food to thousands. The Grub Fest is not just about eating; it’s a three-day extravaganza where you can relish live music, captivating dance performances, and engage with renowned chefs in Master Classes.

In addition to savoring scrumptious food, visitors can delight in fantastic music, dance, and even gain culinary insights from expert chefs. The festival also includes entertaining competitions and engaging food photography sessions. With chefs and top-notch restaurants showcasing their culinary prowess, it’s a must-visit for every food enthusiast. The Grub Fest typically takes place over a weekend, making it convenient for everyone to partake in the festivities. Let’s delve deeper into The Grub Fest and plan your visit for a weekend brimming with culinary delights and entertainment!

The Grub Fest 2024 Details

Fest Name

Grub Fest


4th of November to the 6th of November 2024

Mode of Booking


Organized By

Aman Kumar, Arjun Jane, Chaitanya Mathur, and Mani Singh Cheema


Jawaharlal Nehru stadium Delhi

Official Booking Partner

The Grub Fest 2024 Ticket Details


Ticket Type


4th November 2024

Earlier birds ticket

Star early bird ticket

499 Rs

1500 Rs.

5th November 2024

Earlier birds ticket

Star early bird ticket

799 Rs.

1499 Rs.

6th November 2024

Earlier birds ticket

Star early bird ticket

799 Rs.

1499 Rs.

The Grub Fest does not have a fixed date. You can purchase tickets for this three-day festival on Book My Show. While the event originated in Delhi, it has since been held in Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

How to Raech Grub Fest Vanue

Delhi, the capital city of India, is renowned for its vibrant cultural events. This city showcases a blend of ancient traditions and contemporary advancements. The Crub Fest in Delhi offers a tantalizing experience of the diverse culinary delights found in this splendid city.

• Nearest Airport. Indira Candhi International Airport
• Nearest Railway Station. New Delhi Railway Station

FAQ about The Grub Fest

Is Grub Fest worth it?
The food festival known as The Grub Fest in Delhi showcases a wide range of food stalls from various restaurants. It presents an excellent opportunity to explore new culinary delights and connect with fellow food enthusiasts. For all the food lovers out there, attending this event is a must-do and an experience worth cherishing.

What happens in Grub Fest Delhi?
Grub Fest guarantees to satisfy a wide range of tastes with its impressive lineup of over 100 restaurants, live demonstrations by renowned chefs and mixologists, and captivating performances by musicians and artists. Moreover, this edition offers the unique opportunity to dine alongside celebrities.

Do we have to pay for food in Grub Fest?
The ticket for Grub Fest 2020 does not include F&B. You will need to pay separately for food and beverages at the event.

Is Grub Fest and Horn OK same?
Grub fest tends to prioritize the big artists, causing people to miss out on the complete experience of food and other activities. In contrast, Horn Ok features mostly homegrown artists with a significant fan base, allowing attendees to fully enjoy the overall event.

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